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MPS in Arts and Cultural Management and MPS in Design Management

The Arts & Cultural Management (ACM) and Design Management (DM) graduate programs are part of Pratt Institute’s School of Art. Both programs advance the Institute’s mission to develop creative leaders and build on Pratt’s international reputation for developing creative leaders who can collaborate and catalyze innovation.


Our ACM and DM programs are differentiated by their collaborative and applied-learning approach and by our focus on creative enterprise leadership and leading as if life matters. The programs were designed to demonstrate that the creation of economic value could advantage communities, cultures and our shared world. Participants develop skills that span sectors and geography. They engage in peer-to-peer coaching (P2C) and a collaborative learning community that sharpens critical thinking, deepens reflective practice, and develops strategic leadership skills.


Each program encourages a unique expression of
strategic creativity.


THE ACM PROGRAM: is a two-year, accredited, executive-style Master’s of Professional Studies that encourages participants to consider their role in society and their respective communities. The goal of this program is to develop leaders able to use their creativity strategically to foster creative expression, build creative community and shape a commerce of ideas and images in an increasingly challenged and mediated world. The program prepares participants to lead and manage in a changing cultural landscape that includes new challenges, new media, and new forms of cultural expression.
THE DM PROGRAM: is a two-year, accredited, executive-style Master’s of Professional Studies ranked among the top programs of its kind by BusinessWeek. The program provides participants with an integrated focus on the role of design in the creation and management of strategic and sustainable advantage. The goal of the program is to develop leaders able to shape strategies that create economic value while also advancing social equity and ecological wellbeing. It bridges the disciplines of design and business management in an executive education more focused than an MBA on the special needs of design leaders managing design firms, design teams in creative industries, or strategy divisions in businesses to assume leadership roles in a changing world.

Leading as if life matters.

Each program is organized to emphasize the need for leading as if life matters. Both programs educate participants to examine the true costs of organizational decision-making and encourage decision-making that can enable strong economies, thriving cultures, social equity and robust ecosystems.

Both programs develop leaders who can do more than deliver results. They can also Discover new possibilities; Define opportunities to innovate; Design experiences that differentiate and Deliver value. Both programs use this 4D process to guide action and create impact that engages, enriches and enlivens our shared world.
All participants are encouraged to move beyond received knowledge and established boundaries and definitions. They are encouraged to discover new possibilities. They use “positive scholarship” to research examples of what is “going right” and use applied project work to extend and amplify the impact of what they discover.

Program Details

Both programs are housed at Pratt’s Manhattan campus in the exciting Chelsea area of New York City.
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